Considering the purchase of a water cooler for your office? Getting this piece of equipment will help you enjoy a wide range of important benefits. Here are six of the most crucial reasons for the purchase of an office water cooler. 1. Delicious Drinking Water Your workers will enjoy high quality hydration. They will gain […]

  How much water do you drink per day? Are family members getting the recommended 8 glasses of fluid per day? If not, you have many possibilities to stimulate healthy drinking. Buying a home water cooler is one of the best options. Though the water cooler is still seen mainly as a piece of equipment […]

How do you effectively improve productivity in the workplace? At times, the simplest of measures can increase the efficiency of your employees. Installing an office water cooler can offer a number of advantages. 1.       Conveniently Quench Thirst You and your employees will have easy access to thirst-quenching water at just the right temperature for drinking. […]

Fantastic testimonial from Fiona Stimpson, owner of Rosemead Guest House, Horley near Gatwick Airport –   “I first heard of Love Water at the Horley Business Expo in April 2012. I have thought that a water cooler would be a useful addition to the services that I offer in my guest house but felt they were […]

Kelly Holmes

  Love Water recently sponsored FitPro Live (Europes leading education event for fitness professionals) at Excel in London. Nick of Love Water “…Loads of photo’s taken of this “woman” next to my stand, so I ask if I can have a pic too. She obliges and I ask her if she’s a well-known Aerobics teacher […]