Site your dispenser in an area where water will not cause damage to anything else. We do not accept responsibilty for spillages and leaks that occur after we deliver to you. The most vulnerable time for spillages/leaks is when you put a new bottle on your dispenser. You should check the area around your dispenser for wetness ten minutes after changing bottles. As a matter of routine hygiene, your water dispenser should be cleaned and/or sanitised every three months.

Our rental and All in payment plans are based on a minimum 12 month contract. In the event of cancellation prior to the initial 12 month term, the remaining water dispenser rental element will be payable to Love Water Limited. Our Rental Plans have a £50 Water Dispenser refundable deposit added to the total rental amount payable.

Please add 4000mm to the height of any dispenser with the 19 litre bottle inverted on to it and 240mm with the 11 litre bottle. We deliver a minimum of 3 bottles on your first delivery and then a minimum of 3 bottles delivered on a fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly delivery schedule. If extra deliveries are required outside your schedule, these may be subject to a £5 delivery charge.

The empty bottle containers are very valuable so it is important that they are returned to us. Initially we ask for a bottle deposit for every bottle you keep in stock.

The payment for any one of the dispensing equipment is payable before delivery. If you are not totally satisfied with the product/s within 7 days following delivery, you can cancel the service and gain a full refund for the water dispenser and any unused bottles of Spring Water.

Water delivery is payable prior to delivery or by prior arrangement at the time of delivery.

All goods remain the property of Love Water Limited until full payment has been received.Please tick to acknowledge that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions. We may ask you to also sign a service form as your agreement to the full terms and conditions of Love Water Limited.

Refund Policy

Love Water want you to be totally happy with the products and service you receive from us.

Please check the products on delivery and report any damaged items within 24 hours. Full refund or exchange applicable. Love Water Limited may not be responsible for replacing any product if damage is reported after this time.

Bottled Water Dispensers, Homecooler and Plumbed in Water Dispensers

7 day return and refund/exchange policy if not fully satisfied with the product. We reserve the right to charge for any exterior damage or wear caused by the customer.

Bottled Water (18.9 and 11 litre size bottle) and Cups

7 day return and refund/exchange policy on unused bottles with unbroken seal.

Blenheim Glass Bottles

No return following acknowledgement of receipt of goods.