Well, let’s first consider your present situation.
May we be so bold to guess that you are in one of these four situ’s at present, and let’s answer them one by one.

1) Ok, so you are thinking of having a Bottled or a Mains Fed “home” or “office” water dispenser for the first time.

You may think that Love Water seems, how should we say? …laid back in the wording on our website. Are we professional enough?

Well, first of all, we will prove to you if you make your first enquiry how professional we are and will keep on proving our professionalism again and again with great service and responsive communication.

Our aim will be to make sure we answer all your queries to your complete satisfaction, provide excellent ongoing communication and the choice of probably the best water dispensers around, with Natural Mineral Water, (NOT Spring Water, Natural Spring Water, Purified Water) or beautifully filtered water from our Mains Fed units.

If your main consideration is getting the cheapest company to supply you, then it may not be us.

But if it is to get the “best value for money” supplier with complete peace of mind in terms of quality, service and products, then welcome to our world!

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2) You’re not getting a good service from your present supplier.

Unfortunately, this is one of our most common causes of incoming enquiries. But I suppose in this competitive world it’s good for us…We just love receiving these types of calls.

Normally the call is from the poor Office Manager because all the staff are screaming at them because there’s no sign of a bottle on the water cooler! We can get them all loving you again so go on Mr/Ms Office Manager: put us to the test and we will have great pleasure in easing your woes and restoring regular water deliveries, not only for the short term but for the very long term.

Or if you are a homeowner, and what seemed like a simple arrangement at the time has now turned out to be a disaster, we are experts in Home delivery, so let’s upgrade your service and quality of water!

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3) Looking at saving costs against your present supplier.

If this is your prime concern, then unfortunately, we will probably not be able to help you. We would suggest that IF (repeat IF!) you are getting a good service, stick where you are.

Professionalism throughout does not come cheap and although we try to be as competitive as possible, there are loads of companies out there who will offer anything (and compromise anything) to get your business – we won’t.

However, saying all that it’s definitely worth letting us quote. You never know, we might find that we are both in a win win situation, especially as subject to quantities, we offer substantial discounts.

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4) Interested in changing from Bottled to Mains Fed supply due to costs and delivery issues?

This is normally businesses rather than homes, so OK, our unique view on this – we think.

Firstly, is this consideration due to service problems with your bottled watercooler service and you have an office of more than 20 staff? If so, then fair enough. You are probably fed up with the storage of bottles and want to avoid running out of water because everyone blames you, when it’s not really your fault. Also, it’s likely that with 20+ staff you can save money for the company as the Mains Fed option is generally a fixed lower cost.

However, if you have fewer than 20 staff, have a good think about it. You don’t need to store many bottles and you don’t need to change them that often. If you get a good company supplying you with regular water deliveries then you won’t run out of water and the cost advantage is very minimal the lower the staff number.

Most importantly, keep in mind whatever size your staff numbers are, that you will likely be changing from a Natural Spring/Mineral Water out of a Bottled watercooler to a filtered tap water from a Mains Fed watercooler. Consider the culture of the guys and girls in your office. The last thing you want is a nice gleaming Mains Fed watercooler with no one using it!

After thinking about this and it is a Mains Fedwater cooler you are interested in then there is no finer company to supply you than Love Water.

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