Well, what can we say…Guess we could tell you how brilliant we are, how we are all ex models or how we were born into a Rock and Roll lifestyle – Who would know? Well, these are all slight exaggerations.

What is not an exaggeration though is that we really do value great service and good communication to our customers. We will let you know what we can do and what we can’t. If you are happy with what we can do, we go and do it and then make sure we stick to it. We hope that you will consider us to be a very professional, friendly and honest company.



Credit Controller

Julie has the easiest job at Love Water. As all our customers (well, pretty much most of them) are brilliant payers and never keep us waiting too long, Julie has the chance to look through the newspapers all day and catch up on the gossip.


Business Development Representative

Before joining Love Water in 2015, he spent 15 years in the Print industry. So, if you have the pleasure of Simon visiting you, you can ask him about Water, and get an idea of how much 5000 A4 brochures in full colour would cost!


Senior Admin

Married for 40 + years to her main man Cliff,  after meeting at that tender age of 17…..Ooops, that gives away her age range. Mich looks after all our Mains Fed customers as well an array of other help to the business.


Company Accountant

Kelly has had a long relationship with Love Water, helping us in the early days, having a break, and then missing us so much, she came back! And we are delighted that she is back in the Love Water family.

We often cause her more problems than her own family of hubby, two daughters and a son, but after a good telling off, we all do what we are told by Kelly.


Assistant Distribution Manager

A family man of many talents, James just loves spending as much time with his little boy Liam, playing games, watching Star Wars, and generally having loads of fun – until his son says he should get back to work!

James is a Love Water “Allrounder” – He helps manage the Delivery Rep team, and often heads out himself to deliver to “keep his hands in” to experience the driving and parking issues the reps face on a day to day basis.


Company Secretary

Dawna keeps an eye on the business from distance, working from her home office, wearing tartan slippers and a dressing gown all day long….Well, who would know??


Office Manager

Before Sarah joined Love Water she was a supervisor in a pet corner store. She has a real affinity for all animals great and small, and has a little Jack Russell cross of her own called Albert.

Sarah loves to cook and spend time with friends and family. She is the office boss that we all obey!


Managing Director

Office Cleaner, Floor Sweeper, Tea Maker, Deliveryman, Problem Solver, Customer Service Rep…and….Boss – these can all be descriptions for some of Nick’s daily activities.

Nick has a couple of grown up daughters, neither of which decided to create a career in Love Water, so decided to pursue more “basic” careers in Law and Architecture!

However, he did persuade his wife Dawna and dog, Sullivan to put the business first!


Delivery Rep

Jason is a daddy and a fashion icon, changing his hair colour as many times as he changes his gloves!

Jason specialises in managing deliveries and service for a few of Love Water’s Key Accounts.


Warehouse Manager

He‘s Love Water’s “Mr Flexible”. Ask him to come in for 6am… no problem. Deliveries in London one day, and deepest Sussex the next day….no problem.

Looking after the warehouse is number 1 priority, but when needed water deliveries and watercooler deliveries…no problem!


Delivery Rep

He’s another early starter at Love Water, preferring to head out before the South East traffic gets into gear, empty his vehicle of products to our lovely customers and be back at Love Water base, and then home. No messing.


Distribution Manager

Martin joined Love Water in 2016 and is the man who heads up all our Distribution activities.

He’s the man who makes sure that all our Delivery Reps are happy and focused on providing the very best service to our amazing customers.


Delivery Rep

Dan is our “Trustpilot” man – All the team receives lovely words from our clients, but Dan can’t seem to make a delivery without the customer following up with a great review!
Away from work, Dan is a family man and when not enjoying family life, he spends a lot of his spare time sat at the computer gaming.

Dougie & Sullivan

Senior Managers

These two may look pretty serious in this picture, but they believe they have a serious job to do, and no time for smiles.

When we do have the occasional issue at Love Water (no company is perfect, right?!), it’s often Dougie and Sullivan that come to the rescue. We look them in their eyes, tell them the problem, they look back, we get what they are trying to say, and things seem to get sorted.

So, if on the very rare occasion (if ever!) that one of the Love Water team can’t help you, then you can always ask to be put through to the Doug & Sully hotline!


Premium quality natural mineral water drawn from the aquifer within the Estate.


No lengthy contracts. Just two simple options, Rental or Purchase.


Discover the many benefits of our our stunning MINI dispenser with a no-strings-attached Free Trial?

Love Water Charity Support

Love Water have a fantastic relationship with this small Surrey based charity and we admire the wonderful work they do. Please check out the Jigsaw4U website to find out more.


will be made to our chosen charity Jigsaw4U for every new customer that purchases one of our products. You will also receive a certificate of thanks from Love Water/Jigsaw4U.

*£5.00 donation applies to new customers only and not existing customers ordering additional dispensers. Monthly donation amount will be transferred to our charity Jigsaw4U on a quarterly basis.


case study


The London Clinic

we have worked with the team at The London Clinic to change from bottled units to mains fed dispensers…

case study



Love Water takes pride in delivering healthy water to those involved in the Central section of the project…


We commit to providing you with the very best quality water, the most hygienic water dispensers, a brilliant service, and clear, friendly communication. Add all these together and we believe it equals the best value for money!.


It’s not the first impression that counts the most but the lasting impression.


We won’t say we can do it unless
we know we can do it.


We are the young “wise old owls” of the industry.


We are a small team which means that every member can meet your needs when it comes to water.


Whether it’s face to face or over the phone, we aim to make you smile.


We love our customers almost as much as we love our business!