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Whether you are a big mighty company, a small perfectly formed business or a health conscious home, then look no further than Love Water!

With Love Water, you will get the very best quality water dispensers, a brilliant service and great communication. Oh, and we do not offer the ‘simple’ fixed monthly packages that many other companies advertise. These, in fact, can turn out to be complicated and costly. Also, they may not tell you about their ’horrible‘ 12 month rolling contract either. We offer a really simple short-term arrangement.

Compare our water dispenser features with ANY other water cooler company in the industry. We are pretty sure that none will match us.

 Our customers have great stories to tell about us, and we want to share them with you.



The best quality water and dispensers to compliment your ‘palace’

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Find out about our mains fed solutions

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Our water coolers are best for busy offices

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Branded Coolers

Stand out from the rest and Brand your Cooler

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What We Offer


“I bought a Water Fountain from Love Water 18 months again and I cannot say enough good things about it! The entire family are drinking more water particularly my 7 and 8 year old daughters who used to live on apple juice. They love the independence of grabbing a glass and filling it up when they want and we are also drinking a lot more too. Highly recommended for health conscious families with children.”

Jenny - London

“We are delighted with Love Water. We had a different supplier before Love Water. Their delivery service was awful. At times when we ran out of water, they would still make us wait for the normal delivery time of two weeks and sometimes they would not even make their normal delivery schedule. I don’t know why we persevered with the other supplier for such a long time!”

Triangle Group, London

“I just want to take this opportunity to let you know how very happy we have been with the service! We love having the water cooler in the kitchen and it is just so convenient! Thank you for a year of great customer service.”

Lavina - Ascot

“Lovewater have provided us with an outstanding service over the years, with dedicated professionalism, advice and prompt deliveries every step of the way! And their bespoke cooler design looks great in our studio with our branding; I would definitely recommend Lovewater without a shadow of a doubt.”

Cherry Red Studio – Camberley

“Having a Love Water dispenser in the kitchen has revolutionized our families drinking habits – the kids love using the water dispenser and both of them say the water tastes much better than other bottled or tap water.  I can’t recommend the product or the company highly enough.”

Mary - Kingston

“Love Water have been proactive and enthusiastic from the outset. Water quality is high, deliveries are on time and the staff are very pleasant to deal with. Have already recommended Love Water to our office neighbours and would not hesitate to recommend them again.”

Blackbay Ltd – London

“Love Water are an extraordinary company, willing to go out of their way to serve. They will send out an order well outside their delivery routes and times if necessary, and this really is appreciated. I accidentally ran out, and had a delivery within 2 days. Thanks. And for the superb water!”

Alan - Grinstead

ON love, Love Water! –  ON Broadcast have been using Love Water for over a year and can highly recommend them to any organisation looking for quality bottled water and good looking coolers at a reasonable price. Excellent service, great bunch of people and a pleasure to work with.”

ON Broadcast Communications Limited – London

“Since we signed our contract with Love Water, they have been great! Always ready to help if we need an extra delivery and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. The level of customer service goes above and beyond the norm. Definitely a company worth sticking with!”

Sandra - Tonbridge

Branded Water Coolers!



Whether its our Bottled or Mains Fed watercooler, be unique and create your own branded dispenser.


Let Love Water do the hard work – Just provide us your logo and let us design something that will amaze you!


From just a one-off extra cost of £85.00, a branded watercooler is yours!

Branded Water Coolers



Perfect for Reception Areas,  Meeting Rooms, Exhibition Stands, Showrooms etc etc                                      .


The “Worlds” most Funky watercoolers, branded just for you!                                                                                        .


See some of our most recent examples here.                                                                                                                   .

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