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Nearly all offices have a water cooler and you’re probably wondering about the purchase of one for your company. Is this a good idea? How is it going to benefit your business? Well, for starters – an office water cooler will give you access to convenience, cost-efficiency and various other important benefits. Here are 5 […]

How many of us crave for that early morning cup of tea or coffee as soon as possible after the eyelids open? What’s the attraction?…It’s probably that the early morning mouth is so dry it desperately needs a liquid. The first thought is to put the kettle on and have a quick brew, and that […]

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Wimbledon Champions! Love Water recently provided over 30 watercoolers for their client, AELTC during The Championships, Wimbledon. They were also asked to produce a branded watercooler. They were so delighted with the result that they ordered an additional seven for their covered courts. For a free quote on a branded watercooler for your business, contact […]