Aftercare Service

This page is non-existent on most of our competitor websites, but we think its one of the most important on ours, so we are really pleased that you think so too (why else would you have checked out After Care!?). Thank you.

You see, Love Water is not one of the big national companies, and in fact, you would be surprised that how many “small” water companies out there are owned by massive international organisations, and all controlled in the same way.

Love Water is a truly independent water dispenser company, and we do everything that makes us a little different from our competitors. And one of the main areas is customer service and customer support. You will get to know the team at Love Water – Whether you need to call the office and speak to Sarah, Sandra or another member of the office team, or get to know your Delivery Rep who will visit you on a regular basis. All the guys and girls at Love Water have their own business cards, and we all take personal responsibility in assisting our customers.

  • You can call us, email us or submit a web contact form for any service requests. We even have a webchat for live chat with one of the team.
  • We then respond quickly to service calls
  • We make sure we sanitise water dispensers to keep them clean and healthy.
  • We are fully compliant with WHA (The Water dispenser and Hydration association) standards.

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