Really, anything Drinking Water…That’s what we do!

Bottled water dispensers

Our dispensers are for houses & apartments, offices & lifestyle businesses, hotels & restaurants, healthcare, fitness & educational establishments, construction sites and for events & exhibitions. We’re particularly proud of our range designed for the home; they’re really cute. But not much use having one of our fantastic bottled water dispensers if you’ve not got great drinking water to go with it. So, we will get you started by delivering a few of our bottles of delicious Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water, sourced from the Palace estate don’t you know (that’s Blenheim Palace, not Crystal Palace)! Then we will set you up on a regular delivery schedule, so you never run dry. All you pay for is the water. Delivery is free and with a smile at no extra cost too.

Mains Fed water dispensers

We have loads of different types, from floor standing to countertop.  Do you want hot water? – You got it. You want sparkling water – You got it. We have a huge range, most of them here on our website but if you’ve seen something that you fancy which is not there, just let us know and chances are that we can get it.

Filter Taps

If the kitchen counter fits, then maybe one of our filter taps could fit and be the perfect marriage. We can set up one of the lovely taps to provide the full range of drinking water options – Chilled, Boiling and Sparkling.

Bottle Filling Systems

If you are a restaurant or hotel, and you want to stop ordering all these glass bottles of water in for your customers, then there is another choice. We can set up a snazzy little bottle filling unit and supply you your own branded bottles so that you can become a mini bottler!

We can also provide a wall-mounted Bottle Filler which the public (or your employees) can use to fill up their own sports bottles. It has a counter so the unit can even tell you how many zillions of plastic bottles you have saved by refilling.

Water Boilers

Commercial water boilers with just one thing on their mind – making you a great cup of tea or coffee by providing filtered boiling water!

Branded Water Dispensers

And if you really want to jazz up the water dispenser, why not get it branded in your company colour, logo or message? Practically anything can be done, and you will be amazed at what good value it is (as little as £85) to have a uniquely personalised water dispenser.

Expensive we are not, so you may want to cut to the chase and check out our prices.