General Questions

Can I choose to rent or buy the bottled water dispenser?

You can buy a water dispenser with pleasure and you can buy as many as you like. If you are not 1,000,000% sure that it’s for life, then you can “dip your toes in” and kick off by renting water dispenser models.

How do I care for my Bottled Water Cooler and bottles of Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water?

Try to keep the water dispenser and in particular the bottle out of direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Our dispensers are unique as they have totally replaceable watertrails that when sanitising, guarantees 100% hygiene, and they are really easy peasy to fit.

Does the Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water have a ‘use by’ date on the bottle?

Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water is extremely fresh and could have been gushing around au naturale as recent as a week before it is delivered to you in a bottle (wonder how old your supermarket bottled water is?). But yes, we recommend that all bottles are stored out of sunlight and consumed within six months of purchase.