Whether its a conference, an exhibition, a concert, a sports day, a festival, or any type of public event that needs event management organising, the provision of drinking water is a normal requirement from the clients.

In the recent “bad old days” this would mean cases and cases of 500ml plastic bottles. But now, with the focus on reducing plastic waste, companies are turning to watercoolers to provide a more environmentally friendly solution.

Love Water are at the forefront of this supply. Short term hire is available. This includes delivery, setup, supply of bottles, and collection. The empty poly-carbonate bottles go back to the bottling plant for washing, refilling and re using.

Love Water also offer the option to brand the watercoolers for maximum promotional effect. And they can complete the package by providing either paper cups or branded reusable bottles.

Here Love Water are at the ATAS conference in Manchester.


To avoid using disposable plastic bottles at your next event, contact Love Water for a quotation.

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