Does your office stimulate positivity, creativity and productivity?

The workplace environment is one of the keys to efficient everyday work flow. Is there anything else you could add to make it even more productive?

How about a water cooler? Purchasing a water cooler for the office could provide you with an opportunity to enjoy a whole multitude of benefits.


For starters, the office fridge will have more space for storing food!

A water dispenser will give your staff access to perfectly chilled, refreshing and great tasting water. Your employees will find it easy to grab a refreshing drink whenever they want one, just by filling a cup from the cooler.

Options to Choose from

Do you have a large office? If so, a mains fed water cooler could be a good option. Most models can be positioned on countertops and table surfaces at a height that’s generally accessible.

A water cooler that uses bottles might be more suitable for a smaller office with fewer staff.

Here are some great benefits to the bottled water variety:

  1. The water will also be served perfectly chilled.
  2. Refill Bottles can be ordered.
  3. Most suppliers will also conveniently collect the empty bottles from your office.
  4. Some suppliers provide natural mineral water, which is healthy and has a superior taste (especially when chilled).
  5. You can increase or decrease your water supply to suit your staff’s consumption by ordering more or less refill bottles from your supplier.
  6. Bottle fed varieties are easy to install and move around the office. Generally, all that’s needed is a plug socket to power the unit, and an area to store your spare water bottles.

Both of the varieties (bottled or mains fed) offer their particular convenience and because the water is constantly chilled, will have a great taste. You simply need to examine the practical considerations and pick the one that will be more suitable for your particular office environment.

Proper Hydration for Employees

Proper hydration is crucial year-round, and more so during the hot and humid summer months.

Your workers should have access to hydrating fluids throughout the day, to assist them in producing their best effort. Lack of proper hydration tends to lead to a loss of focus and decreased productivity, especially when it comes to demanding physical or intellectual tasks and complex activities. Water is by no means the only fluid available to stay hydrated, however it is widely considered to be the healthiest and best option.

Personalisation Options

When it comes to water coolers, the traditional image most people have may be that of a dull machine that sits in the corner of an office.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The office water coolers of today can be personalised and designed in a way that can not only enhance office aesthetics but can even accentuate a company’s style, personality and brand.

A water cooler can be customised with a company’s logo or any other visual design you might be interested in. Why not get your staff involved in choosing a colour or design? The process could be a fun and enjoyable team building exercise too!

These are just some of the benefits of having a water cooler in your office. The investment could quickly translate into a better, healthier, fun and ultimately more productive workplace environment that benefits your employees and your company.







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