If you’re thinking about having a water cooler in your home? It will certainly give you a chance to enjoy cold and fresh water, whenever you feel thirsty.

There are two viable options for you – rental or purchase.

Rental usually includes service, delivery of bottles and the sanitation of the equipment. But is rental really the most financially savvy option?

Water cooler rental is connected to a monthly charge. This fee includes maintenance and some repairs as well. These additional services are viewed as a convenience, which is probably why some people prefer renting.

However, the best route to take (long-term) would probably be to purchase a water cooler for household use. Buying a water cooler for your home is connected to numerous benefits that include drinking more water, saving on the purchase of bottled water from the local supermarket and being part of a healthy lifestyle change for the entire family.

Why Buy?

Rental does come with the added benefit of maintenance and repairs that are included in the monthly fee. But what are the benefits, if the home water cooler is actually purchased?

For one, the water cooler supply company could provide proper installation and maintenance even after you purchase the equipment, so you’re never out on a limb. Owning a water cooler also gives you more freedom when it comes to choosing the sanitation and maintenance procedures.

The product is usually delivered with a comprehensive installation guide but additionally, websites nowadays provide more than sufficient information about sanitation and proper maintenance. But if you have no interest in doing the maintenance yourself? you can always choose a qualified technician to do the work for you.

Getting Refill Bottles – Tips and Ideas

The next aspect of owning a home water cooler that you have to consider is the re-supply of water bottles.

Most suppliers of home water coolers will also be offering bottle refill services. In fact, most suppliers insist on supplying bottles for the maintenance agreement to remain valid. If you own your own home water cooler, however, you can get your bottles from an alternative supplier that you choose.

All water coolers have universal fitting, which means that the most common and popular water bottle brands will be suitable for the equipment. When choosing a bottle refill supplier, take a close look at the contract to make sure that you are getting the best possible conditions without an overly long-term commitment.

Go Local

Going for a local company is always the best and the most affordable possibility. Compare different options and figure out whether getting the bottles from the home water cooler supplier is the most beneficial option.

When deciding whether to rent or to buy a home water cooler, you will have to think about the time period in which you will need to use the piece. Buying a water cooler will always be a better investment over the long term.

Most suppliers deliver additional services, which means you will be free from worrying about maintenance and sanitation and just be able to enjoy a steady supply of drinking water in your home to complement a healthy lifestyle for your family.












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