It’s Wimbledon Time again and the only guarantee you have of finding a British participant going right through to the finals, are the boys and girls of true Brit company Love Water, helping to refresh the team that run The Championships.

For many years now we have supplied The All England Lawn Tennis Club our thirst quenching and award winning Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water, in The Players Lounge, The Racket Stringers Room, The Commentators Break Out area, and over 30 other locations around the site. This keeps us busy as we need to rise early and replenish stocks every couple of days before moving on to service our numerous clients nearby and in central London.

blenheim natural mineral water.

In a number of locations, we even brand our water coolers with the the Wimbledon Championship logo. All we want now is for the umpires to call 15 Love…Water, 30 Love…Water and 40 Love…Water in their scoring announcements! Oh well, we can but dream.

To enjoy the same thirst quenching water the players enjoy, Click to Call Us Now 0345 5200 820.