What We Do

wimbledon watercooler.

Not much use having fantastic drinking water if you’ve got nothing to dispense it with, is it? So, you either order straight away or take advantage of our “try before you buy” teaser (some conditions unfortunately do apply). Place it where you need it, where you want it, where it looks good, or where it fits.

But not much use having one of our fantastic bottled water dispensers if you’ve not got drinking water to go with it (that sounds familiar). So, we will get you started by delivering a few of our bottles of delicious Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water, sourced from the Palace estate don’t you know (that’s Blenheim Palace, not Crystal Palace)! Then we will set you up on a regular delivery schedule so you never run dry. All you pay for is the water. Delivery is free and with a smile at no extra cost too.

Environmentally Sound

We like to think we do our bit for the environment too. We collect the empty bottles and they are sanitised for reuse and are only recycled when they are tired or damaged. We never discard our bottles in landfill sites.

We also pop around to give your dispenser a clean every now and then (actually more scientific than that, every 13 weeks for most products).

Branded Water Dispensers

And if you really want to jazz up the water dispenser, why not get it branded in your company colour, logo or message. Practically anything can be done and you will be amazed what good value it is (as little as £45) to have a unique personalised water dispenser. Expensive we are not, so you may want to cut to the chase and check out our prices.

Lastly, if you are not a “bottled” water drinker but are looking for something that will clean up and chill the tap water, then check out our Mains Fed Water Dispensers. A clever little filtration system gives you lovely drinking water on tap.