Whether its a Office Water Cooler with a bottle, a Mains Fed Watercooler, or a Water Boiler – Us at Love Water are here to help.

We provide the very best quality products, and we don’t think that we can be matched by any of our competitors in terms of products, service …and “niceness!”.


Not any use raving about our superior water if you have nothing to drink it from! – So to get started we need to set you up with our MINI office water cooler (perfect for you compact little offices of less than 10) or our MAXI (for you bigger offices).

So, you either order straight away or take advantage of our “try before you buy” teaser (some conditions apply). Place it where you need it, where you want it, where it looks good, or where it fits.

But not much use having one of our fantastic bottled office water coolers if you’ve not got drinking water to go with it (that sounds familiar). So, we will get you started by delivering a few of our bottles of delicious Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water, sourced from the Palace estate don’t you know! (that’s Blenheim Palace by the way, not Crystal Palace).

Then we will set you up on a regular delivery schedule so your office water coolers never run dry. All you pay for is the water – Delivery is free and with a smile.

We like to think we do our bit for the environment too. We collect the empty bottles and they are sanitised for reuse and are only recycled when they are tired or damaged and we never discard our bottles in landfill sites.

Ooops, before you get too excited about everything, better ask the question, “Are we in range for deliveries?” – Please click here to find out.

Err, where were we? Oh yes, we also pop around to give your dispenser a clean every now and then (actually more scientific than that – it will be every 13 weeks) This work is commonly called Sanitisation, but with our unique office water coolers we don’t use chemicals or horrible things like that to clean the inside of the machine – Oh no, we just change the whole of the inside for brand new, thereby guaranteeing that you have a 100% “clean on the inside” machine.


Now, lots of companies are choosing to install a office water coolers that are connected to the mains supply rather than getting a bottled water cooler machine, and that’s alright by us. We know the main reasons; no storage of bottles, no lifting of bottles, and a fixed cost. In regard to the pennies, most companies of more than 20 staff  will show some saving over a bottled watercooler by installing a mains fed unit.

These machines can be floorstanding, countertop units, or taps that are fitted into the sink – You name it, and we can probably do it. They all filter the tap water and chill, heat and/or sparkle it!

We would normally advise a site survey first, and we do these free of charge as its a way of initially saying “hello” to you, and hopefully if we come over well at this stage, yyou will want to do business with us!

Once we have had a good check of your office and nearby water supply, we will be able to give a quote on the installation cost, then the rest of the details and costs are really straightforward. You can either rent the unit, which would include maintenance and filter changes, or you can buy the machine and have a maintenance agreement attached to it.


Our Love Water is a must for any office of more than 10 staff that currently uses a kettle to make their daily cuppas. Not only does it give piping boiling water on tap, but it also filters the water to improve the taste of the PG Tips.

We are so confident that you will find it a time saving, cost saving, convenient addition to your kitchen, we are providing a free two month trial! – If you don’t think its right for your office at any time during the free period, just let us know and we will take it away – As simple as that.

We will only ask you to pay for the installation cost, and this is only after we have done a free site survey and given you the price. You can then say Yes or No for the free trial.