Soul MINI water dispenser

Our fantastic Soul MINI water dispensers offer you a brilliant way of keeping fully hydrated. Our Soul MINI dispenser is perfect for family homes, small offices, meeting rooms and reception areas.

Choose from our popular Okeh Soul MINI, or our Record Label Soul MINI. Or alternatively, for an extra £20.00, make your Soul MINI truly unique.  Just send us images and we will design your own personalised Soul MINI. Include photo’s of you, favourite record labels, soul event images, or whatever takes your fancy!

We can produce and ship your Soul MINI to any part of the UK, and arrange a water delivery service either directly from Love Water or though one our partners.

The water dispenser produces cold and ambient temperature water, and is designed to accommodate a 11-12 litre bottle.

Our Okeh and Soul MINI costs £358.80 inclusive of VAT and delivery. For your own designed Soul MINI the cost is £378.80. The bottles of water cost approximately £6.00 (depending on supplier)  inclusive of delivery.

For full information on the Love Water Soul MINI, please complete the Contact Form on our contact us page here