New MAXI water dispenser with the unique Water Trail (sanitation) replacement

Rental option also available.

The new MAXI Water Dispenser combines outstanding design with unique hygiene and ergonomic technology

  • Unique WaterTrail (sanitisation) replacement that guarantees 100% hygiene and avoids the use of chemicals
  • High dispense point which makes it easier to access water- no stooping or bending
  • Duplex nozzle which prevents contamination – fingers and hands do not come into contact with the point of water dispensing
Height 1450 mm with 18.5 litre bottle on / 1320 mm with 11 litre bottle on
Width 360 mm
Depth 360 mm
Weight 23 kg

Body of MAXI Dispenser is available in Jet Black or white with the option of different coloured side panels – Silver, Red, White, Black, Light or Dark Blue, Green or Cream.