Love Water Hydration Station

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Not just a water machine – Fresh, chilled still and sparkling water is the perfect way to keep staff and customers hydrated throughout the day

Provide a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks with a flavoured, carbonated water alternative. Make the H2O your environmentally friendly bottle refill station. When it comes to drinking water and water based drinks, the H2O Hydration Station is the pre-eminent solution for leisure centres, gyms, offices, meeting rooms, canteens and even cafes.


NEW H2O Hydration Station

The Ultimate Water Bottle Refill System

• Triple-Filtered, Pure Water

• Premium Juice Concentrates (Sunset Orange & Peach Tea)

• No-Touch, Hover Select Buttons

• FLUUX Dual Filtration System & UV Filter

• Eco-Friendly Bottle Fill – No Single-Use Plastics!

• Cashless Payments or Free Vend

• Media Screen (for Video Adverts)

• Designed and built in Britain

The dispenser comes complete with Hover Select technology. The no-touch technology means the buttons on the H2O Hydration Station buttons don’t need to be physically touched to select a water or juice drink refill, greatly reducing the risk of transmitting coronavirus.

Almost all of the water we drink today has microplastics in it, so the H2O Hydration Station has been developed with three filters – a dual FLUUX filtration system paired with a UV filter. Together, they eliminate bacteria and remove 99.9% of microplastics.


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