Love Water Borg & Overstrom E4 Counter Top Water Dispenser

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Powerful and efficient compact water dispenser

ProCore® – DryChill® – Totality®

Sustainably superior, the E4 is the next evolution in premium water dispensing, combining energy efficiency with a powerful performance in every pour. Featuring our exclusive modular ProCore® system, advanced DryChill® rapid cooling technology, and antimicrobial touch panel protection, the E4 offers a 3-way versatility and is perfect for filling water bottles, glasses, and carafes with freshly-filtered chilled, ambient, sparkling, or hot water, at the touch of a button.


E4 – Powerful and efficient compact water dispenser

The next evolution in premium water dispensing technology

Evolving the way you drink water with superior sustainability and plastic-free purity, the E4 integrates the latest eco-friendly technology, combining energy-efficiency with powerful performance, for a sustainable approach to locally sourced, fresh-filtered water.


Environmentally conscious design.

Designed and manufactured in the UK at our zero-to-landfill facility, the E4 is sourced through a nearshored supply chain that prioritises environmentally friendly components. Equipped with our unique ProCore® and DryChill® eco-refrigerant cooling technology, the E4 delivers a greener solution for great-tasting, filtered water.

Evolved design.

Premium aesthetic.

The E4’s contemporary design delivers striking aesthetics. Featuring a premium easy-to-clean durable Fynil® finish, with antimicrobial silver ion protection, the E4 delivers complete hygiene confidence in communal areas.


Next-generation modularity

The E4 is powered by our exclusive, next-generation, modular ProCore® system. Both space and energy efficient, this compact and powerful processor features a unique design with discreet ventilation for optimised chilling and recovery times. Its universally compatible parts increase maintenance efficiency for distributors and demonstrate a commitment to outstanding reliability for all users.


Intelligent energy-efficiency

The E4 features DryChill® technology, the most recent advancement in water cooling. This airless system features a rapid-chill coolant coil, housed in an aluminium core for ultimate hygiene and performance. The efficient, tankless system reduces the risk of contamination and the need for sanitising chemicals, while ensuring every glass, from the first pour to the last, is consistently chilled just seconds before you drink it.


Hygiene assurance in every pour.

Totality® is our 5-step methodology to achieving pure, healthier, premium water. Providing hygiene assurance in every pour, Totality® reduces sediment, odours, chlorine and microplastics, for freshly-filtered water that is safe to drink and tastes clean and crisp.


Bluetooth® touchless water dispensing

The E4 delivers the ultimate in hygiene and safety. Featuring app-enabled Bluetooth® touchless control as standard, reduce the risk of contamination and enjoy freshly-filtered water with complete hygiene assurance, all at a touch of a button.




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Chilled & Ambient, Hot, Chilled & Ambient, Sparkling, Chilled & Ambient, Hot, Sparkling, Chilled & Ambient


Black, Silver

Counter Top / Floorstanding

Counter Top (W320xD400xH415mm), Floor Standing (External dimensions – W320xD400xH1325mm (including base cabinet)


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