Love Water Aquarius Cooler 110v

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The 110v Love Water Aquarius Cooler is a popular choice within the construction industry, as these coolers are sophistication simplified.

The classic design of the AQUARIUS offers the ‘inside-out’ cooling probe design used throughout the entire range of REMOVABLE RESERVOIR coolers ensures a more efficient cooling method, conserving energy and eliminating condensation within the cooler.

WaterGuard offers protection against water leaks from cracked bottles and ensures that air-borne pollutants do not enter the reservoir

The REMOVABLE RESERVOIR system simplifies the sanitization process – just replace the water contact parts with pre-sanitized components.



Love Water Aquarius Cooler 110v

These 110v Water coolers are a popular choice within the construction industry.

A rental option is also available.

Key Features

  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Noise dampening technology – Compressor muffler system
  • Free-standing internal structure
  • Tomlinson FDA-approved self-closing faucets
  • Optional POU conversion kit in white and black
Most insurance companies insist on all non-cabin electrical items being rated for 110V to protect against the risk of death or injury, and the construction industry has a legal obligation to offer fresh drinking water. As a result, there are frequently urgent requirements for these products that can prove difficult to source. 
Power rating Single phase
(100-115VAC 60Hz)
Standard current
100-115VAC H&C: 6.2A, C&C: 1.2A
Cold 74W
Hot 450W
Cold Compressor Single phase motor (TS24 LATG)
Refrigerant R134a
Temp range 4-10°C (39.2-50°F)
Capacity 2.6L (0.7 gal)
Hot Heater Band heater
Temp range 74-92°C (165.2-197.6°F)
Temp control 82-89°C (179.6-192.2°F)
Capacity (External Heater) 2L (0.5 gal)
Capacity (Internal Heater) 1L (0.3 gal)
Refrigerant charge 25g (0.9 oz)
Product weight H&C: 13.7kg (30.1 Ib), C&C: 13.4kg (29.6 Ib)
Product boxed weight H&C: 14.8kg (32.6 Ib), C&C: 14.6kg (32.1 Ib)
Product dimensions 312(W) X 314 (D) X 980(H)mm
12.2″(W) X 12.4″(D) X 38.6″(H)
Product boxed dimensions 320(W) X 330(D) X 1000(H)mm
12.5″(W) X 13.0″(D) X 39.4″(H)
IEC protection class Class 1
Certifications C-UL-US, CE, CB, CCC, SASO

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Floorstanding, Chilled & Ambient, Floorstanding, Chilled & Hot, Floorstanding, Chilled & Ambient, Floorstanding, Chilled & Hot


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