Our Flex XL Stainless Steel Effect boiling water hot spot taps give you more flexibility when preparing dinner, making tea or doing dishes. The Stainless Steel Effect finish suits every style of kitchen.
  1. Convenience – Instantly filtered boiling water, at just the right amount, whether making a hot drink or filling a pan. 100°C smooth flow filtered boiling water.
  2. Pure Water Quality– Only purified filtered water enters the titanium heater for better-tasting drinking water.
  3. Safe & Robust – A simple press of the safety springed-lever turns the boiling water on and off; and closes when released, ensuring boiling water is only dispensed as the safety-feature is cancelled.
  4. Sustainable and durable A 20-Year warranty on our non-corroding, robust and reliable titanium water tank.
  5. Pricing – 4 Litre Heater – £1150 (+ Installation £1340.00)
  6. Pricing – 8 Litre Heater – £1450 (+Installation £1640.00)

Specifications Flex XL Stainless Steel Effect Tap

Dimension heater 4L (w x h x d):210 x 325 x 285 mm

Dimension heater 8L (w x h x d):210 x 525 x 385 mm

Dimension tap (w x h x d):165 x 378 x 220 mm

Warranty: 5 years (after registration)

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