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FRIIA HC is a hot/cold under-counter water delivery system with a 3L immediate draw off hot-water. Designed with award-winning technology, the system contains an under-counter boiler and chiller and a sleek, stylish countertop font. FRIIA HC is the perfect alternative to POU water for offices, office kitchens, canteens, gyms, schools, colleges, and small coffee shops. Includes Drip Tray.


The Marco FRIIA is the ideal alternative to traditional point-of-use water solutions. Offering businesses and customers hot, cold and sparkling water from a single, sleek tap, it is the ideal solution for offices, cafes and hospitality sites. Unlike other water systems, FRIIA has a 3L immediate draw-off hot-water capacity, which means it can deliver hot water instantly without wasting energy or water. It also uses award-winning technology to provide chilled and carbonated water with optimal taste and quality. It is easy to install, maintain and use, and comes with a stylish countertop font that can fit any space and design. With this FRIIA, you can enjoy the convenience and versatility of having hot, cold and sparkling water at your fingertips.


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