bottled water coolers
Love Water provides a range of Bottled Water Dispensers that are the bee’s knees and are unmatched in the industry.
We offer:-
If hygiene and aesthetics are your prime interests, then the Love Water MINI & MAXI offer superb styling and a multitude of hygiene features.

Our MAXI knocks the spots off any other office bottled watercooler. And the MINI is absolutely perfect for small offices of between 2-10 employees, and very popular for images conscious businesses like hair salons, dentists and spas. Also great for reception areas, meeting rooms, and even on exhibition stands.

Both machines came in different colours and can easily be branded with your company logo, colour, or message.
Love Water Storm
Available as a Hot & Cold option, this bottom loading machine is a popular choice. Available in Black only.
Love Water Glacier
Robust basic watercoolers great for those tough area’s and heavy handed employees! Construction sites love the fact that the Glacier is also available in a 110v version, and the units can easily be adapted to Mains Fed.
Stylish dispenser suitable for offices and homes. Special purchase discounts available on this unit. Call Love Water for more info.


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