For just a small amount extra, you can make your very special Mains Fed Water Coolers (aka: Mains Fed Water Dispensers/Plumbed in Water Coolers) even EXTRA Special by having them branded water coolers by adding your own logo, colour, design and message. We charge roughly £85 +vat (depending on design time) for making your mains fed water coolers unique.

If you are image conscious, choose to have the side panels of the mains fed water cooler branded in a colour that matches your interior. If the dispenser provides water for your customers, then promote your company name, logo and message on the water dispenser as a constant reminder of how customer focused you are.

If you ever exhibit or run promotions what better way of having an eye catching product that also promotes your name and provides visitors with a refreshing drink (which will also keep them longer for you to talk to!).

Mains fed water coolers are economical to run and enjoyed by both staff, visitors and, not surprisingly, accountants!

Alternatively, our water dispensers can be covered in a range of amazing metallic look materials that really add style. We can make your water cooler sparkle, glitter and really stand out as an unusual quality looking product.

Challenge us – Whether you have a design in mind, a logo or photograph that you would like your Love Water dispenser have, then just call us or send us an enquiry. If you want us to pop round to your place to show you examples of branded and Mini dispensers please just ask!