We deliver Bottled Water Coolers to all of London and selected areas of the South East, so really sorry if you’re not part of what’s commonly known as “the South of East” (of England that is, not Asia). We concentrate on this area because we want to offer the very best regular bottled water delivery service directly from our base at Gatwick. Neither do we sub-contract like so many other water companies – it’s nothing personal we can assure you. We love all parts of England and will be with you at some time in the future so drop us a line, or be one of our Facebook fans and we will give you a shout (if we may?) when we will be able to “knock on your door”.

However, if you just want to buy one of our products, we will be able to arrange a local company to provide the follow-on bottled water delivery service. Simply let us know what you need and where you are in England. We will then let you know how much it will cost for Mr. Postie to deliver and the details of a company in your area that can provide a service (nearly) as good as ours!

Alternatively, for you nationwide companies, we can manage the whole bottled water delivery service so that your point of call is just Love Water, and all invoicing, queries, reporting comes from us! – A nationwide bottled water delivery service, but not from the big faceless nationwide watercooler companies, but a personal service from our team of national “local” companies!

Mains Fed Water Coolers – Nationwide!

With our Mains Fed Coolers, we supply nationwide as we have engineers dotted around every corner of the UK. So whether you are in the tropical South of say, Bognor Regis or in the Artic North of ….Aberdeen (?), we can supply and look after your Love Water machine.