Bottled Water or Mains Fed Water Coolers?

Well, if you haven’t already read our Why Choose Us page, you may want to do that as it gives a few good pointers on the subject of Bottled Water Coolers versus Mains Fed Water Coolers.

But just to reiterate here, give some thought to the pros and cons of each and try not to be too influenced by the companies that either just sell bottled water coolers or just sell Mains Fed…there may be just a teensy weensy bit of bias with both of them. We think you should bear a few things in mind. The first thing is to choose a company that is an accredited Member of the British Water Cooler Association, that way you know your supplier is audited and trained to the highest possible standards of safety and hygiene. As it happens, Love Water ticks that particular box.

Consider this.

Then consider the people in your office. Are they a healthy bunch that you know drink bottled water at home and bring in their small bottles to gulp down during office hours?

A water cooler is a great staff perk and will certainly help to increase motivation and work output. If you have the space to store bottles, then don’t skimp, get a bottled water cooler, dispensing water freshly drawn from a spring and bottled at source. Our natural mineral water is a right royal treat: it’s Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water. Your team will love it and the company will be their best pal. Just make sure that you have room to store five or more bottles and that you have  strong enough to lift a new bottle onto the machine when needed.

Mind you, If you are an office teeming with people, then the question of “dosh” raises its matter of fact head. You may need to store loads of  bottles if you are to be delivered to every two weeks and where are they going to be put? Also, who will be able to put a new bottle on when needed?

The cost of bottled water will be higher of course in comparison to the fixed cost of a Mains Fed Water Cooler unit with filtered tap water on constant flow as and when needed. So, we hope this has helped in making your decision? If in doubt just pick up the ‘phone and talk with us. We can advise you.

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