How do you effectively improve productivity in the workplace? At times, the simplest of measures can increase the efficiency of your employees. Installing an office water cooler can offer a number of advantages.

1.       Conveniently Quench Thirst

You and your employees will have easy access to thirst-quenching water at just the right temperature for drinking. In addition, the water is conveniently within reach. Just fill a glass and enjoy.

2.       Ideal in Any Office

Office water coolers are ideal for even limited spaces. If you are just starting up in a small office, you can still enjoy perfectly chilled water to quench your thirst. The bottle-fed system could be the ideal choice for your office because of its simplicity and convenience. This system saves space with certain models covering no more floor area than an A4 piece of paper.

Large companies on the other hand could benefit from a mains-fed model. This cooler connects to the company’s plumbing system for an endless supply of water. The water is also chilled to the ideal temperature for drinking so that everyone can enjoy a glass whenever they want one.

3.       Compliment Your Interior Design

Today, water dispensers are no longer plain and boring. You can find them in various designs that help add ambiance (and even identity) to any office in which they are placed. These dispensers compliment the décor whether the area is cramped or large and open.

If you want to use the cooler for company promotion, the water cooler can be easily branded with your company’s message or logo. This helps imprint your brand into the mind of everyone who walks into the office.

Office water coolers are ideal for small and large companies, as well as home offices. You will enjoy unparalleled convenience and flexibility when you purchase one for your office.

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Fantastic testimonial from Fiona Stimpson, owner of Rosemead Guest House, Horley near Gatwick Airport –


“I first heard of Love Water at the Horley Business Expo in April 2012. I have thought that a water cooler would be a useful addition to the services that I offer in my guest house but felt they were too large and take up too much space.  However, Love Water have a nice slimline water cooler which fits neatly in the corner in my guest dining room.


I then have a notice in each room stating that ’the water from the tap is mains water and is potable; however chilled mineral water is available free of charge in the dining room. I used to supply bottled water and found that guests would open a bottle, take a couple of sips and then the rest would have to be thrown away.


So I find the Love Water cooler so much more economical and the taste of the water is very nice! My American guests love that they can just help themselves and that they can have the choice of cool and warm.


I find that I use it a lot myself and keep a plastic bottle filled up for myself during the day; likewise my staff; I would recommend it to other establishments like mine.”