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Wimbledon Champions!

Love Water recently provided over 30 watercoolers for their client, AELTC during The Championships, Wimbledon. They were also asked to produce a branded watercooler. They were so delighted with the result that they ordered an additional seven for their covered courts.

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office water cooler Considering the purchase of a water cooler for your office? Getting this piece of equipment will help you enjoy a wide range of important benefits. Here are six of the most crucial reasons for the purchase of an office water cooler.

1. Delicious Drinking Water

Your workers will enjoy high quality hydration. They will gain access to an endless supply of perfectly chilled drinking water. The water cooler will serve as a reminder of the importance of hydration.

Staff will no longer waste time filling water bottles to stock in the fridge. A simple water cooler can boost productivity and create the perfect workplace environment that everybody in the office will enjoy.

2. Affordable

Buying an office water cooler is a really affordable idea. Both the bottle-fed and the mains-fed varieties of water coolers are inexpensive and they will help you save a lot of money in the long run. The bottles used to feed the cooler can be easily replaced and refilled and perfect for start-ups or businesses trying to operate on a limited budget.

3. Green Business

The purchase of a cooler will create a green and modern image for your business. The waste created through the use of an office cooler is minimal as the bottles can be recycled and refilled and in the case of the mains fed units, no replacement bottles are even necessary.

4. 100% Maintenance Ease

The office water cooler will require minimal maintenance after its professional installation. The bottle-fed variety will need the occasional replacement of the bottle. Periodic cooler sanitation will also be needed. The companies that sell and install coolers are usually also responsible for the proper maintenance of the equipment.

5. Convenience and Flexibility

There are numerous models of water coolers and possibilities to choose among. The bottle-fed variety is great for smaller offices because it occupies minimal space. A mains-fed water cooler could be more suitable for bigger offices or companies with a large number of staff.

6. Design Your Own! office water cooler

Water coolers come with design customisation possibilities. The equipment can be used to do promotion and to increase brand recognition! It all depends on the model that you choose and the particular appearance that you are going for.

Whether you run a start up or a large corporation, the purchase of an office water cooler will result in better workplace conditions and incredible cost-efficiency.

These are just a few of the numerous great benefits that this simple purchase will deliver.

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How much water do you drink per day? Are family members getting the recommended 8 glasses of fluid per day? If not, you have many possibilities to stimulate healthy drinking.

Buying a home water cooler is one of the best options.

Though the water cooler is still seen mainly as a piece of equipment for a busy office, it will be a great addition to every household. What could be better than having access to cool, refreshing and healthy drinking water any time of day?

Getting a home water cooler is connected to a wide range of additional advantages.

Great Tasting, Chilled Water

Water tends to taste so much better when chilled. The home water cooler will give you access to water at perfect temperature throughout the day, especially during the hot summer weather (which we enjoy from time to time in the UK!).  A home water cooler is one of the best ways to ensure your constant supply.

Water coolers can be connected to the main water source or they could be fed via bottles. Both of the possibilities are great and you should choose one or the other on the basis of available space and preferences.

Environment-Friendly Home Hydration

A home water cooler is a green option for your family. The used bottles once empty can be collected by the supplier and refilled.

More Fridge Space

Is your refrigerator currently filled with bottles? You’re not alone! Many families have similar experiences, especially if you have a big family.

Getting a home water cooler will help you overcome this issue, allowing you to free up space in your fridge in addition to getting access to cool drinking water at the same time. It is a win-win situation for the entire family.

A Water Cooler to suit every Person(ality)

The water cooler can be personalised to correspond with your interior design. There are so many fun things you can do with its appearance.

Most people think of white or metallic water coolers but there are alternatives. Some companies will give you the opportunity to customise designs, making your water cooler unique, fun and even beautiful to look at.

A water cooler is great both for the office and also for your home. It is affordable and provides you with access to healthy, cool drinking water. These are just some of the essential factors to bear in mind when considering a purchase that will benefit the whole family. Try one now and experience the benefits for yourself!

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How do you effectively improve productivity in the workplace? At times, the simplest of measures can increase the efficiency of your employees. Installing an office water cooler can offer a number of advantages.

1.       Conveniently Quench Thirst

You and your employees will have easy access to thirst-quenching water at just the right temperature for drinking. In addition, the water is conveniently within reach. Just fill a glass and enjoy.

2.       Ideal in Any Office

Office water coolers are ideal for even limited spaces. If you are just starting up in a small office, you can still enjoy perfectly chilled water to quench your thirst. The bottle-fed system could be the ideal choice for your office because of its simplicity and convenience. This system saves space with certain models covering no more floor area than an A4 piece of paper.

Large companies on the other hand could benefit from a mains-fed model. This cooler connects to the company’s plumbing system for an endless supply of water. The water is also chilled to the ideal temperature for drinking so that everyone can enjoy a glass whenever they want one.

3.       Compliment Your Interior Design

Today, water dispensers are no longer plain and boring. You can find them in various designs that help add ambiance (and even identity) to any office in which they are placed. These dispensers compliment the décor whether the area is cramped or large and open.

If you want to use the cooler for company promotion, the water cooler can be easily branded with your company’s message or logo. This helps imprint your brand into the mind of everyone who walks into the office.

Office water coolers are ideal for small and large companies, as well as home offices. You will enjoy unparalleled convenience and flexibility when you purchase one for your office.

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