Kelly Holmes


Kelly Holmes

Kelly and Nick at Fitpro

Love Water recently sponsored FitPro Live (Europes leading education event for fitness professionals) at Excel in London. Nick of Love Water “…Loads of photo’s taken of this “woman” next to my stand, so I ask if I can have a pic too. She obliges and I ask her if she’s a well-known Aerobics teacher (there were a few there). No she says. I say “Are you famous though?” She says No, and looks at her mate, smiles and says “He asked whether I was famous!”…They both have a laugh along with a few onlookers. Photo takes, she goes off, and then some smart so and so, says to me that it was Dame Kelly Holmes. Oooops!

For people who love healthy hydration and also love a bargain, water dispenser firm Love Water has a January sale. Home water coolers are a fantastic addition to year-round good health and this offer gives you 40% off the price of buying and 50% off the rental price. Unlike most sales, you can even return the water dispenser after a week’s trial if you decide it’s not for you.

To take up the sale offer, email or call 0845 5200 820, and mention ‘MINI dispenser offer’. The offer, it should be said, isn’t ‘mini’ – in fact it will save you lots of money. However, what is truly ‘mini’ is the machine itself. With a diameter of only 20cms it will fit into the smallest of kitchens, home offices or hallways.

Surrey-based Love Water operates across much of the South East of England and as it’s a member of the British Water Cooler Association which stands for impeccable standards of hygiene and good practice, you also have the guarantee that you are dealing with professionals. They even supply Royal water as standard: the water is sourced from Blenheim Palace and is a Natural Mineral Water.


Love Water Sale Now On!

Our fabulous MINI which is designed for Homes and small Offices is available with a big chunk taken off its Internet price –

40% Off the Purchase Package

50% Off the Rental Package

You can even order the product on One Weeks Approval – If you are not totally convinced of the positive impact it has on your Home or Office life, we will simply arrange collection and refund you fully (less any bottles of mineral water you have used)!

So, please don’t order on line at our normal price. Just go HERE for more info, or email or call 0845 5200 820, and mention “MINI dispenser offer”, and ask for Nick for more information.