What does the perfect workplace look like? As a business owner, you’re probably wondering about the options you have in terms of boosting productivity and the creativity of your team.

Some of the simplest solutions are actually quite effective. The purchase of an office water cooler is one such option.

How is a water dispenser going to affect the work of your team?

Here are several spectacular business benefits you’re going to experience as a result of purchasing an office water cooler!

1. Refreshing & Delicious Water – 24/7

The cooler dispenses perfectly chilled and delicious water. The fridge space can now be liberated and used for the storage of healthy, nutritious food! In addition, your colleagues have access to perfectly chilled water. They’ll simply need to walk to the cooler to get their refill.

2. Flexibility

Do you have a large or a small office? How many people work for you? Think about these questions before buying a cooler.

a) A mains-fed cooler could be a perfect fit for a larger office with lots of people, simply because it doesn’t have to be refilled. The cooler can also be placed on a counter top, which means it’s going to be readily accessible.

b) A bottle-fed office water cooler could be suitable for smaller offices. As a stand-alone piece, it can easily be moved around and positioned to guarantee the highest level of convenience for staff and customers alike.

The bottle-fed variety also provides several additional advantages. Depending on the number of employees your company has, you can either increase or decrease the number of bottles being supplied.

Finally, the cooler is very easy to install and maintain in perfect condition, especially if you have an installation and service agreement with your supplier.

3. Proper Hydration = Higher Productivity

A dehydrated person will deliver a less than optimum performance.

Making sure that your staff have sufficient quantities of water will maximize both productivity and creativity. Drinking water throughout the day will enable people to complete challenging tasks and enjoy the hours spent at the office. Both of these are essential for making the most of the workday.

4. Corporate Branding

An office water cooler can have its appearance customized. It’s up to you to pick the visuals and the colours that will result in the perfect presentation.

A water dispenser can carry your logo, a slogan or any other graphic that you want to use for marketing purposes. Placing the cooler in a waiting room or another venue used by your customers will enable you to enforce your brand identity.

The perfect office gives employees access to the most important conveniences. Creating that ideal work place doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. A basic water dispenser will improve the atmosphere significantly, showing your team that you care.

The fact that you have so many options to pick from simplifies the task even further and could even make it enjoyable, get your staff involved in designing your company water cooler!






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