Stoptober” is a yearly October UK health drive to quit smoking. If you’re able to stop for a full 31 days? you’re likely to be able to stop FOREVER. Join the drive and make “October 1st” your day for entering a new phase of your life, Smoke-FREE : )

Go for it!

Why not complement your smoke-free October by taking a Free Trial to have one of our superb water coolers in your home today. Enjoy delicious and perfectly chilled Blenheim Palace mineral water in your home 24/7 to add even more benefits to your new and healthy lifestyle ;  )

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BUT for a good cause! Love Water recently embarked on an ice water bucket challenge to raise funds for MIND the Mental Health Charity.

The water used was genuine Blenheim Palace water…but thankfully no one was harmed during the filming, expect perhaps for MD Nick Swan who appears to have received an overgenerous amount of ice cold water thrown at him by his loyal staff.

The event was (allegedly) also attended by Mr. Simon Cowell.

Please watch the video and share the fun! Thanks :  )

What comes to your mind when you think about the perfect office? A place that stimulates creativity and enhances productivity has to have the right ambiance and the appliances that workers need to feel comfortable and do their job.

A water dispenser can certainly be included in that perfect picture. It gives you access to a range of important features that will deliver benefits for your business.

Space Optimisation

Instead of stacking the fridge with water bottles, you will have a lot of space available for the storage of all kinds of treats.

The office water cooler will give access to delicious H2O that is chilled to the perfect temperature. Employees will simply need to walk to the cooler and get their cup, when in need of hydration.

Large Office, Small Office?

Whether you have a small or a large office, buying a water cooler will give you a lot of flexibility.

Mains fed coolers are perfect for larger offices because they don’t need to be refilled. A cooler that is bottle-fed will be the perfect choice for a smaller working space.

A bottle-fed cooler is quite convenient. The company supplying the appliance itself will also provide you with bottles and refills. You will get to choose among various water varieties, including mineral water.

The number of bottles you order will depend on the number of people working in your office. In this sense, the bottle-fed cooler can accommodate for any change in staff.

Workplace Hydration

Proper hydration is very important for health and it becomes even more crucial in corporate settings. Have you noticed that employees tend to be quite distracted and unproductive during the hot summer months? This problem can be corrected through the purchase of a water cooler.

Getting enough water per day can improve mental focus and concentration, especially if your employees have to solve hard problems and come up with creative concepts on a regular basis.


Let’s face it – the traditional water cooler tends to look quite plain but who said you can’t have customisation options?

Office water coolers can be changed and re-designed to have a much funkier or brand-appropriate appearance. They can be branded or they can carry the corporate colours to contribute to the office’s interior design.

Buying a water cooler for the office will give you the opportunity to enjoy a range of tremendous benefits and these are just some of the most important ones. Office coolers and their supplies are environment-friendly and highly affordable. Even if you are a start-up owner, you should consider this kind of purchase and the various productivity benefits that it is going to bring your company and your employees.






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