An office water cooler can be conductive of higher levels of productivity. As an employer, you are responsible for many things including providing the right working conditions for your employees. Purchasing a water dispenser will give you an opportunity to enjoy numerous business benefits.

1.  Access to Refreshing and Delicious Tasting Water

Many studies show that the creation of the right workplace environment enables employees to focus better and to deliver their best performance each time.

Guaranteeing workers constant access to refreshing, healthy and perfectly chilled natural mineral water is one essential part of creating these perfect workplace conditions. A water cooler provides convenience by providing your staff with easy access by simply walking over to the machine to enjoy a drink!

2.  Diversity

You have a number of different models and possibilities to choose from. Having a good idea about the available space will help you determine which office water cooler variety is the most suitable one for your workspace.

A mains-fed water cooler could be more suitable for larger offices with a large workforce. There are no refills as the equipment is plugged directly into the main water supply and therefore provides chilled and healthy water, constantly.

Smaller offices that have fewer employees may benefit more from a bottle-fed variety. These machines are very ergonomic (some have a footprint as small as an A4 piece of paper) and they come with a range of different designs. The bottles can also be collected and replaced by the supplier which makes the refill process very convenient.

3.  Aesthetics

You may think that traditional water coolers look boring. This is no longer true.

You can now choose among numerous modern designs that are intriguing and visually-pleasing .

The water cooler can even be branded with your company logo, or if you want to create consistency in terms of interior design it can be customised to fit in with the colour scheme of your office.

These are just some of the fun and exciting possibilities for the customization of your office cooler.

A water cooler is an affordable piece of equipment that can turn the atmosphere in your office around. Making sure that your employees are healthy and properly hydrated will increase their focus and translate into higher productivity.

The cooler offers convenience, simplicity, flexibility in choice and of course health benefits. So go ahead and try one today!




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