The Apprentice 2013 Winner chooses Love Water!

I wanted the very best water dispenser service for my first Dr. Leah Skin Care Clinic in London. Against many other watercooler suppliers, I felt that Love Water met the standard I was looking for.

Their premium Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water met the quality requirement I wanted for my clients. The MAXI water dispenser also provided ergonomic and hygiene advantages over other standard water dispensers.

Love Water even colour matched the water dispenser to blend in aesthetically with the furnishings within my clinic.

Overall, I am delighted to have commenced a business relationship with Love Water”.

Dr. Leah Totton


Dr Leah Clinics and Skincare
020 7877 5999

Dr. Leah Totton with Nick Swan, Managing Director of Love Water Ltd.


Are you drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day?

Hard to keep count? Drinking only when you’re thirsty isn’t necessarily an accurate gauge either, as you may be swept off your feet or too busy to even notice that you’re already dehydrated.

Well, you’re not alone. Too many people forget about the importance of proper hydration and the role that water plays in health and wellbeing.

Having a constant reminder about water’s importance is a great way to increase the intake. Buying a home water dispenser is a great option. Apart from getting a visual reminder, you will also have access to cool and fresh drinking water, whether you choose a mains fed or the bottle-fed variety.

So, what are the main benefits that the purchase of a home water dispenser will let you enjoy?

Water Quality

People will sometimes refrain from drinking from the tap because of the taste and temperature being lukewarm. And to keep water constantly cool, you will have to dedicate enough fridge space to the storage of water bottles.

The water dispenser has a cooling function, which means that your drinking water will always be at a perfectly chilled temperature. Chilled water is much more enjoyable to drink. If you like water, you will probably begin drinking larger quantities. This rule is also important for making sure your children are getting proper hydration and will make it easier to motivate them!


The home water dispenser is undoubtedly one of the most practical and convenient pieces of home equipment. And with customisation options can even allow you to position it in any part of your home, to complement your interior design.

Dispenser varieties come in all shapes and sizes. Mains fed dispensers are connected to the tap. These are perfect for kitchens with counter or table top surfaces.

If you have a larger kitchen, you can opt for the purchase of a bottle-fed water dispenser. This one is comes in various designs and many models are available with tiny footprints (as small as an A4 page). Such a home water dispenser will provide convenience, look incredibly stylish and take up the bare minimum of space.


Plastic bottles bought from the supermarket are usually discarded after usage. If you’re particularly conscientious, you can separate these bottles for recycling.

However, companies that supply bottles for your dispensers will collect and refill the empty ones, several times. This repurposing decreases the amount of waste being created, is eco-friendly and very convenient, as the supplier comes to you.

A mains fed home water dispenser on the other hand doesn’t require bottles (connected directly to your tap), so could be an even more environment-friendly option.


The purchase of a home water dispenser will require a single investment. The companies that supply and maintain the equipment will also supply their customers with the water bottles. There is a range of plans and packages that you can choose from. Some of these water supply opportunities are very affordable and budget-friendly.

The water dispenser has traditionally been viewed as office equipment but is also great for household use. Getting access to cool, refreshing and delicious water will make you drink more and help you stay healthy and happy.

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