The water dispenser is often associated with office equipment. However, it can also be a perfect piece for the home. Having constant access to refreshing and chilled water 24/7 will also help to ensure proper hydration and health for your family.

There are several important factors to think about before selecting a water dispenser and a company to supply you. Here are some important considerations.

Heating and Cooling

Having a dispenser that cools the water will be great for the summer because everybody enjoys a chilled drink, especially when the weather warms up.

Some dispensers also come with the ability to heat water as well. These are usually equipped with separate nozzles for cool and for hot water. This could come in handy for hot drinks such as teas and coffees, without the need to boil water in a kettle. If you go for this variety, do inquire about safety features which could be essential if you have children.

Freestanding or Countertop Model?

A freestanding water dispenser tends to look good in corners. This variety can be a space-brightener, especially if you’re able to customise the style and colour to compliment your home’s interior.

Look for space saving designs if you’re short on floor space. There are models available with sturdy bases that have tiny footprints, (some even as small as an A4 page!).

A countertop variety could also be ideal if you prefer to have your dispenser on a raised and higher surface, such as a table or counter top in the kitchen.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic

A water cooler is more than just a piece of equipment that dispenses water for your family. It could also be an extension of your personality, adding cosmetic appeal to your home.

Look for suppliers that will allow you to customise your dispenser with colours and designs to compliment your home’s interior, and have fun with the design process.

Additional Features

Take a look at some of the additional features that water dispensers could come equipped with.

There are many models on the market with advanced features such as:

  1. Thermal Electric Technology which allows you to vary the temperature of the water (from cold to ambient)
  2. Adjustable glass rests for small glasses to larger sports bottles – perfect for active members of the family (who jog and cycle)
  3. Ergonomic designs with high positioned dispenser points – no stooping or bending down to grab a drink!

Suppliers & Peace of Mind

Picking the right supplier is as essential as choosing the right dispenser. Talk to representatives of several companies and inquire about the conditions and the packages available. The way the company interacts with you before you make a commitment, can help give you insight about their quality and professionalism.

Prioritise companies that allow you to test a dispenser on a Free Trial basis and which are members of the BWCA (British Water Cooler Association). These companies will be audited and trained for their quality and standards giving you additional peace of mind, which is priceless.

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