Valentine’s Day approaches and love will be in the air!

Make sure that love is in the water you drink too. There’s no better way to show your family or your significant other how much you care than by helping them towards good, healthy hydration. Thanks to our aptly named company, Love Water, now you can enjoy cool, healthy hydration at home at the flick of a switch.

So on 14/2/14 kick-start a healthy spring and summer by pressing a button for what is arguably the simplest, healthiest drink of all: Natural Mineral Water.

Love Water have cleverly produced a MINI dispenser that is tiny – the footprint is smaller than the long side of an A4 sheet of paper.

If you like your foods and drinks as natural as nature intended, this is the water for you. The Love Water MINI dispenses Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water. The dispenser comes in a choice of finishes to match your décor and the water bottle is a manageable 11 litre size that is easy to lift and store.

Once you have your MINI dispenser, the cost of the water is around 55 pence per litre – the kind of price you’d normally pay for ordinary table water in the shops, but of course it’s delivered to your door so you don’t have to lug it home..

Love Water have cleverly produced a MINI dispenser that is tiny – the footprint is smaller than the long side of an A4 sheet of paper!

Love Water is running a special offer: pay *£199.00 in certain areas of London & the South East instead of the usual £358.80 for the dispenser, or rent at £12.00 per month – an investment in daily healthy hydration.


Or Phone 0845 5200 820 and mention ‘MINI dispenser offer’.

We deliver across the South East of England** including much of London.


Jet Black MINI

Studies have shown that workplaces that provide employees with the right conditions increase productivity by nearly 16 per cent. Having a pleasant working environment and keeping your employees happy affects the work they do and so also benefits your company.

There are various important benefits that can justify the investment in this piece of office equipment.

Convenience & Efficiency

Conveniently serving water from a cooler means your staff will have access to refreshingly cool water all day long which can help them perform their duties efficiently.

Providing drinking water within easy reach is a convenience for both you and your staff. Some very simple changes like the purchase of a water cooler can contribute to workplace productivity.

Bottled or Mains Fed?

Generally, the options are to obtain a cooler that works with bottles or one that is connected to the main water supply. Both of these options come with specific advantages.

The advantage of having a mains fed water cooler is that it will enable you to use tap water to provide a steady supply of drinking water. This might be a suitable solution for your company if you have a large number of employees.

If you have a smaller workplace, then it might be sensible to go for the variety that uses water bottles. It’s advisable to research bottle suppliers and compare the packages they offer. Choosing the right company to deliver bottles to your office on a regular basis is as important as picking the right water cooler! Here’s another blog post with tips on how to choose a good supplier. Just click here.

Both options will provide you and your employees with the hydration you need from water that is pleasant to drink, chilled and readily available. Just select the option that best suits the size of your workplace.

Energy & Focus

It’s highly recommended that people should drink at least 8 glasses of fluid per day. Studies have shown that lack of proper hydration causes the body and the brain to function less ably. Water is a good option as it is calorie free and tooth friendly.

Refreshing, cool water is a good means of helping to keep people energized and focused throughout the work day.


To make the most of this opportunity, you need to research the possibilities.

For a start, you need to decide where the water cooler will be placed. The amount of space will be a determining factor for the best water cooler for your office.

There are several other features that you may be interested in examining. The water cooler has to look appropriate and contribute to the style of the interior design and the overall personality of your office. Examine several varieties before picking the one that you want and inquire about design options.

Have Fun!

Some companies may allow you to even customise your own design so that it carries your corporate logo or complements  your office interior, making it a visually fun piece that can help boost employee morale. Have fun with it!

Getting a cooler is easy and it requires a small investment. The manner in which it will affect employee health, workplace satisfaction, morale and productivity will more than justify your investment in the long run.

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