Water coolers are a convenient way to have chilled water always available to drink. This way, you don’t need to use ice or refrigerate your water before enjoying a glass. So, what questions should you ask to choose the right supplier? Check out the tips below to find the answer.

1. Does the supplier carry the cooler that you want for your home?

Typically, you can choose from table top or countertop models and freestanding models. Make sure supplier has the one that works best in your home.

2. Does the supplier deliver and set-up the cooler up for you?

This certainly makes it more convenient, especially when you buy a floor model. Also, will the delivery person make sure you know the right way to use the cooler? Don’t hesitate to ask these questions before buying or renting the equipment.

3. Does the company provide a free-trial period?

This way, if the model that you bought is not to your liking you should be able to exchange it without having to pay anything. These trial periods are great for testing a product you think you want but would like to try out in your home first.

4. Is space an issue?

A home water cooler may look good in a photograph but actually positioning it in your kitchen or dining area could be a different story, so make sure you research the dimensions carefully. Choose a model that has a small footprint so that it compliments rather than obstructs your home surroundings. This is where a free trial comes in handy!

5. Does the supplier make home visits to sanitize your water cooler?

A water cooler needs to be cleansed properly on a regular basis. It is imperative to have a supplier that also helps you to maintain your cooler properly.

6. Does the supplier offer a warranty on the water cooler beyond what the manufacturer offers?

Find out if the warranty also covers any problems that may occur at the time of installation.

7. How do the various firms compare?

It’s always a good idea to compare different suppliers to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible not just price-wise but also with regards to after-sales service.

8. How often does your supplier deliver refill bottles for your cooler?

If you have a large family you obviously want to have a continuous supply. If you’re keen on drinking water that is as natural as possible then it’s also worth finding out where the supplier’s water is sourced from.  Not all bottled water is created equal: all water sold for drinking is good but not all firms offer Natural Mineral Water.

9. Is the supplier a member of the BWCA (British Water Cooler Association)?

Suppliers that belong to the BWCA are obliged to meet rigorous guidelines on quality, sanitation, environmental practices and professional training to provide high quality service and are therefore a good choice as BWCA membership brings you peace of mind about the professionalism of the firm you choose.

Take all these tips into consideration as you select a company to supply you with a home water cooler. You should be able to find the best supplier for your needs as long as you do some preliminary research beforehand.

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