Your family’s health is important; therefore the quality of the water you drink is also important. Many UK families are discovering the advantages of home water coolers and not a moment too soon.

Though many people still hold the view that water coolers are mainly for office use, they can be a fun addition to any household and installed with relative ease. There’s a wide variety of models and styles that will be suitable for home use. Some can even be customised to suit the personality of the homeowner and the interior design of the home. These are also generally smaller and quieter than their office counterparts.

There are a number of very good reasons to invest in a unit for your home:

1. Safe and Chilled Drinking Water

The most obvious reason is the quality of the water that your family drinks.

Since the water is always chilled, it also tends to taste much better than regular tap water (especially in the summer). You can either go for bottled water or one attached directly to the main water system.  Some even dispense the most natural drink available; Natural Mineral Water (by law) can’t have anything added or taken out which means you and your children drink it as nature intended.

2. Environmentally-Friendly

Lugging bottles home from the shops can be arduous, plus bottles bought from the supermarket must be discarded after use. Though the plastic is recycled, there’s still some waste created.

In contrast, water cooler bottles are collected by the supplier and are re-filled, making the usage one of the most environmentally-friendly options available.

3. Water 24/7

Do you drink enough water? Research has shown that most people don’t drink the 8 glasses of water a day that most health professionals recommend.

Having a unit at home will serve as a reminder and could even help you to increase your consumption, if you’re not drinking enough. The freshness, taste and quality of the water will act as a tempting incentive to keep drinking healthily!

An average adult should be drinking approximately two litres of water per day. The cooler retains the temperature of the water at a regular chilled level, making it very pleasant to achieve your recommended daily quantity.

4. More Fridge Space

How many water bottles do you currently have stored in your refrigerator?

A water cooler will liberate your fridge space up for other essential products such as more fresh fruit and veg for the family? If you think you haven’t got the space in the kitchen, think again. These units have a tiny footprint so they’re easy to squeeze into a tiny corner.

Home water coolers can also be a source of fun as some suppliers will allow you to customise your particular model. Unleash your inner creativity and make your water cooler a visually fun talking-point and a source of entertainment for your family and guests!

Aside from the entertainment value, you will also benefit from water that is safe, healthy and kept at a regular drinking temperature ensuring your family enjoys each refreshing glass, again and again and again.

Love Water specialises in supplying quality Home Water Coolers throughout the UK.

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