Are you drinking enough water? It’s important to hydrate your body properly when expecting a child. Home water coolers are one of the best options for mums-to-be.  Remember, when you are pregnant or breast-feeding you need to drink more than the normal recommended eight glasses per day.

Pregnancy is a period of change. Water is vital because it ensures the proper functioning of numerous bodily systems. To help feel good and be healthy throughout your pregnancy, you should consider the advantages of having a home water cooler. Here are some benefits:

1. High blood pressure and constipation are two very common problems during pregnancy. Drinking more than two litres of water per day can help minimise the risk of experiencing such complications and health issues.

2. Sufficient water intake will also make it much easier for you to work out and to remain physically active throughout the pregnancy.

3. Mums-to-be who work in front of a computer could also feel tired and experience swelling with stiffness also a possible side effect. This is why you need to get up every now and then and move your body. A trip to the water cooler in your home will be the perfect way to take a break every so often. You will get the water that your body needs along with a little mild exercise.

4. No matter what you prefer to drink, water will always be the best and healthiest option. Water is affordable and readily available. Home water coolers make it even more accessible and pleasant.

5. Whilst all water sold for drinking in the UK (whether from a cooler or small bottle or from the tap) is safe. However, if you like your drinks as natural as possible, choosing a cooler that dispenses Natural Mineral Water could be best as this means that, by law, nothing can be added and nothing taken out of the water so you drink it just as nature intended.

6. The water cooler bottle will also give you a chance to track your water consumption and to figure out whether you are drinking enough. Seeing the water level in the bottle will clearly indicate if you’re drinking enough or remind you that you need to drink more.

7. Water from the cooler is not only safer but also tastes better than drinking tap water. The cooler also maintains the ideal temperature, which makes the water much more pleasant.

It’s important that expectant mothers should take proper care of themselves and their unborn babies throughout their pregnancy. Drinking water is one of the simplest ways of making sure that both mother and child are feeling fine. Water enhances the transportation of nutrients through the body and is essential for the proper development of the baby.

Dehydration is much more likely to take place during pregnancy because of hormone changes that affect fluid storage in the body. This is why you have to drink fluid and water is a sound choice as it hydrates without adding unwanted calories!

A home water cooler is the perfect piece of equipment for pregnant mums. Having the unit in your home will remind you to drink more often and it will also give you peace of mind that you are consuming quality water that is safe to drink. Water can also help you combat many problems during pregnancy such as fatigue, hormone imbalances, joint pain and cramps.

Make your home water cooler your best friend during your pregnancy, for a healthy mind and body that both you and your baby can benefit from. Love your baby, love water.

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