Companies are constantly struggling to provide good work conditions and to improve the productivity of their employees. Many factors can prevent the workers from delivering an optimal performance. Dehydration is one of them.

Main Reasons for Low Productivity

Several factors result in low productivity. As already mentioned, dehydration is a major problem because it prevents the brain from functioning properly, thus interfering with concentration.

Whenever an office lacks water coolers and dispensers, the employees are forced to go to the nearby store and get bottled water. This is another major distraction that interferes with the normal flow of work processes and decreases productivity.

Finally, poor office environment and working conditions will prevent the employees from giving 100 percent. People need the right atmosphere and facilities, in order to be productive. The lack of fresh and cool drinking water in the office is a major problem.

Choosing the Best Water Cooler for Your Office

There are different kinds of office water coolers and dispensers. Think about the available office space and the needs of your employees before buying one.

The main distinction comes from the source of waters. The market offers two major varieties:

  1. Water coolers that are fed from bottles.
  2. Water coolers that are connected to the main water source.

The second variety is frequently called “plumbed-in” water cooler and it is perfect for smaller office spaces.

Companies that install office water coolers and dispensers are comfortable with both varieties and whichever option you choose, it will be installed and maintained properly.

The availability of cool, filtered and 100 percent safe drinking water can boost employee productivity. Workers will feel better about having access to unlimited water supplies. They will also stop wasting time in attempts to get bottled water. Something as simple as a water dispenser can result in a much better employee performance.

Installing the Water Cooler: 6 Tips and Ideas

1. As already mentioned, there are companies dealing with the professional installation of water coolers and dispensers. This is the best possibility because you will ensure the proper functioning of the piece.

2. Always carry out some preliminary research before choosing the water cooler model and the company to work with. Most importantly, you will have to get the piece that will work well for your office space.

3. If you choose an office water cooler that uses bottles, you will next have to contact bottled water providers. It is important to choose the best variety of bottled water. There are dozens of options on the market.

4. Talk to other clients of the bottled water provider.

5.You should avoid binding agreements that are valid for an exceptionally long period of time.

6. Finally, keep in mind that water coolers need proper maintenance like the regular change of filters. Make sure that the company you choose is capable of providing such services.

Something as simple as a water cooler dispenser can increase the productivity of your employees by improving working conditions. Always research possibilities and make sure that you are getting the best piece for your particular office.

You will soon notice better results and full commitment on behalf of the workers and a healthier, happier working environment.












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