Love Water White MAXI proudly displayed in the reception area of new customer RateSetter.






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Love Water is offering a free trial of a MINI dispenser for one week.

To request the trial mini dispenser with 11-litre cooler bottle
contact or call 0845 5200 820.

The first 25 Families to request the free trial will also receive an exclusive gift of two 75cl glass bottles of Blenheim Natural Mineral Water  (1 x Still, and 1 Sparkling), value of over £5 each as sold at China Tangs, The Dorchester.

Take your Free Trial now


Call 0845 5200 820

Well, Love Water enjoyed a great day exhibiting to our local businesses and homes at The Horley Business Expo, which took place at The Holiday Inn, Horley on Friday 26th April 2013.

Our “Global HQ” being just two minutes up the road from the hotel, it really was a case of showing off to our neighbours! – We displayed our brilliant (if we say so ourselves!) MINI water dispensers (perfect for small businesses and homes), MAXI water dispenser, and range of Mains Fed water machines. For a fairly small event, we had a lot of interest, and really enjoyed the networking experience.

One of our visitors was The Mayor of Horley, who was gasping for a drink, which we speedily obliged! – Here’s Nick with the Major, giving a big “Cheers”!

The fabulous children at St Georges School start to create their own unique MINI Water Dispensers!

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If you would like some free advice and information about MINI Water Dispensers for your school


Call 0845 5200 820 or 07921 523 311